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If you are contemplating getting a new stove fitted then please get in touch! We offer free advice and information on anything stove and chimney related.

Stove supply and installation

Here at Duchy Stoves & Chimneys we don’t have a showroom. This means we are impartial and can offer you a wide range of stoves, ranging from a traditional to a contemporary stove. We’ll be able to give you a wide range of stove choices, rather than just a few.
Depending on your budget and your specific installation needs, we’ll guide you to the right stove for your property.

Chimney Linings

Having a correctly fitted and well maintained flue is essential if you want to ensure maximum efficiency of your stove and ensure your flue does not have build-up of waste products. With a traditional chimney system that has been designed for use with an open fire, on average you could lose up to 80% of the heat up the chimney. The smoke rises quickly up the chimney with this wasted heat. When you install a wood burning stove this percentage of heat lost drops to about 20%, which causes the smoke to rise at a much slower rate. This can leave your chimney open to soot and tar deposits, which can lead to unpleasant smells and chimney fires. Lining your chimney allows the smoke to maintain a safer rate of ascension, reducing the risk of unsafe tar deposits and ensures that any tar that is deposited runs safely down the sealed liner and back into the stove where it is burnt off harmlessly.

A liner system also provides a totally sealed passage for all harmful gases released as a product of burning i.e. harmful carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a very real threat with any burning appliance, so it is important to treat it with respect.
A liner system represents the safest way to install any solid fuel appliance as it provides a safe sealed passage out of the chimney.
Depending on your property and needs, we will recommend one of the following lining systems:

Flexible flue liner

A flexible liner can offer an economical, shorter term solution to chimney lining problems and is useful in situations where you would struggle to install any other system.

It consists of a flexible, stainless steel tube that is fitted into your existing flue shaft. Designed to minimise disruption when lining a chimney and enable quick installation, a flexible liner offers flexibility, easily tackling bends and typical ‘offset’ Victorian chimneys.

Rigid twin wall insulated flue – no chimney? No problem!

If you have a home without a chimney then you will need a twin wall flue. In some circumstances, you may want to install a stove away from where the existing chimney is situated, in which case a twin wall flue would be necessary.
Twin wall flue pipe is a type of flue system constructed from two layers of rigid stainless steel, sandwiching a layer of insulation. The layer of insulation in twin wall flue keeps the flue gases warmer, allowing the flue to perform correctly and efficiently, whilst also reducing the build up of condensates within the flue system.
It also reduces the distance to combustible materials.

Pumice Isokern liner

Ideal for refurbishment and new build projects, Isokern pumice chimney systems can be
installed internally and externally. Pumice liners are ideal for new build as well as relining
existing masonry chimneys

CCLS (cast in situ concrete lining system)

CCLS (Cast In-Situ Concrete Lining System) is one of the best lining systems on the market and has a life expectancy of up to 60 years if regularly maintained. It is an ideal long term solution to chimney linings.
CCLS involves inserting an inflatable rubber former into the flue and pressurising it until it reaches the diameter required for lining. We then make temporary openings to insert spacers to centralize the rubber former. Once the rubber former is centralised, the void around it is then filled with a mix of perlite and cement, all the way to the top of the flue shaft. The temporary openings are filled as the mix reaches each hole. All the holes are made good to match as closely as possible your existing finish. The mix is then left to harden overnight. The former is then deflated and removed leaving a perfectly insulated and leak proof flue.

Chimney Construction

Whether you require design advice at the planning stage or require a new chimney design for retro-fit to a property, we can supply a solution. Please contact us for more information on this service.

other services we offer

Chimney Sweeping and Stove Servicing

In the UK an average of 30 thousand homes each year have chimney fires. The main cause of chimney fires is because they have not been properly maintained and have not been swept regularly.
Chimney fires not only cause damage to the chimney but can destroy homes and endanger lives. It is important to clean a chimney at least once a year (twice recommended) to help avoid tar and cresote build up.
Here at Duchy Stoves and Chimneys we recommended getting your chimney swept at least once a year (twice recommended) to avoid chimney fires and harmful chemicals from entering your home.
With years of industry experience, our team can thoroughly inspect your fireplace or stove, checking carefully for any faults, cracks, or damage that could make your chimney or stove dangerous to use. Following our inspection, we offer full-service repairs at competitive prices to ensure you and your family’s safety.
We also provide professional chimney cleaning services to ensure the safety and functionality of your home heating system all year round.

CCTV Surveys

Duchy Stoves & Chimneys can offer flue shaft inspections and surveys using our CCTV technology for a quick, clean way of identifying problems or issues inside the chimney.  Our surveys and inspections will give us the knowledge to recommend if the flue shaft is suitable for use, and if not, we can then advise on appropriate solutions. 

Chimney Repairs

If your chimney is damaged, having water ingress or showing signs of age it may become unusable or dangerous. Speak to us about our comprehensive chimney repair and restoration services.

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Once work commences we like to see a job through to completion as efficiently as we can.
On commencement we will provide an explanation to you of how the work will progress. We will explain the process of the work, the method of working and an estimate of completion.
We always ensure that, as far as possible, floors and furniture are protected and that when we leave we have thoroughly cleared the site of any debris.
We are alert to all health and safety issues and we will clearly mark any no go areas.
Before leaving we will ensure that the appliance and the flue are working correctly.

For your peace of mind, all of our workmanship and materials are covered by guarantees, subject to our Terms and Conditions.


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